April 25, 2017

T for Thai Message

On our office group, while discussing about out latest Asset Management assignment (Do not ask me details, I blog to take a break! :D)

"These guys are tagging random guest houses some where in Rajasthan in place of tagging assets of the factory.", I wrote to people while checking the report from the system.

"Let them do, I've highlighted this but they do not care, it seems"- Messaged one of my directors

After five minutes:

"The person who is tagging seems to be from a very basic background." I wrote again

"Yeah, they have hired local person from the same town, why?"

"They have tagged an asset called - Thai Press Dumbbell'- must be a gym room in the guest house"

"Hhahuahuahuahuahuahahhauhauhauhuaha", Our finance director replied from no where.

"Hehehehe"- Our ex-IT guy replied from some where, suddenly. Yes, he is still in our group till he finishes our Infrastructure project.

"I think the guy wanted to go to Thailand for some reasons but landed up in the gym.", I typed back

" Thigh press can hardly replace Thai Press, though", our ex-IT person added. (We trust you for such a comment, Mr. Ex-IT)


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