April 25, 2017

S for Serials

I'm big time into cribbing about the quality of television-serials in India and how. I can comment on and on, on any episode and turn the thrill of 'Nagin' into a no brain comedy episode. I have done the same with many Bollywood movies and not to forget, with passion. 

But, there is a difference between stupid serials and movies. Movies have fixed period associated with them and serials are aired either on the daily basis or every weekend. (Where are those serials for which we would wait for an entire week?) So, while we used to convert those horrific television moments into comedy sessions Torrents would download some fabulous Hollywood movies or US/Europe based television series or movies. Once torrents was banned, we cried silently. 

And then Netflix started in India, we immediately subscribed to it and now, major population of Indian Young Generation is on Netflix,leaving sad television serials on their fate. Netflix has been disrupting the entertainment industry like never before.

So, when we were discussing about the Netflix India going great in last six months in terms of content availability, our Tech-guy was asked,

"What kind of an App Netflix is?"

Now only an IT person working in this area can answer this type of a question. Not even me, being a mechanical engineer would have the answer but how can we keep quiet. 

I decided to pun-cture the serious discussion and replied.

"Serial Killer"

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