April 7, 2017

F for Food Favourites

There are two types of foodies in the world.

1. Who are amazing risk takers and can taste any weird dish without even thinking for a micro second
2. Who are not at all a risk taker and floats in the same boat while they enjoy the ride

I am the second type of a foodie but do change my food preferences once in a while. Like once or twice in a decade. So you can safely call me the foodie who does not want to try new food!

I generally like to dwell into these four dishes and devour as if there is no other day left in my life.

Yogurt: No, Curd I have almost every day but if you are talking about some luxurious food favourties - it has to be Strawberry Yogurt. My Europe trip or a visit to the nearby Amul Parlour can not happen without gulping a pack, ever.

Dark Chocolates: Over a period of time my tolerance for over sweetness has decreased drastically and to be frank it has gone to zero. Apart from a couple of Indian sweets and fruits , I hate anything sweet which includes tea and coffee. So naturally my taste for dark chocolate has developed to the extent that I can comfortably swallow and enjoy 80% dark chocolates as well. The best part about dark chocolate? - You can not binge on it.

Pasta: To dismay of both mothers, I love Pasta. (And come one Pasta are made up of Semolina and not Maida, generally) Be it creamier pasta with a lot of gravy and no vegetables (No, I need my veggies but chalata hai) or truly Italian pasta with a lot of veggies, a little bit of gravy. I do not really need it to be cheesy like we get in India but I do not complain either. Pasta is my comfort food. Anytime.

Thai food: There is a sense of unique satisfaction I feel, when I devour Thai Food. Perfect mixture of coconut milk, veggies and rice. A good portion of Vitamins, Antioxidants , Carb and of course Fat in coconut which reduced GI. I am yet to find an authentic Thai restaurant in Mumbai but yummy is the world for Thai Food I had in Singapore.

What kind of a foodie you are?!!?

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