April 19, 2017

N for Ninja

Believe me, till my nephew came up with a story where a character or a series of characters were called 'Ninja' I really thought it was  a Japanese version of our Desi Name 'Neerja' but I was wrong. Ninja is basically, in modern times,a word used for a person who excels in a particular skill or an activity. I'm not sure if I can affix my name with 'Ninja' but can definitely list out skills I have picked up or developing currently with great success to be called Ninja!

I know I know, focused mindset is back in trend but I believe multi tasking is inevitable. I identified this skill set in me, when our cousin pointed out to me. This skill came to me by two sub-routes. First - Blood, thanks to my mom. Second: Brought up, thanks to my mom. I do things similar to my mom now- which is basically not wasting time when two three stages of different tasks can be combined to save time. Cutting vegetables while the gravy is made, or  calculating bottleneck in the manufacturing process at a vendor's place. I think I have pretty much tried (and still trying) to multi task decently. I guess,I should write a blog post on this.

May be more than Ninja- the correct word is Punctuality Nazi for me. But well.. As my mom says my blood is purely of my dad's family & my face has come from  my mother's family. She indirectly thinks, I am as irritating as my dad when it comes to reaching on time before time. When we do not reach/start earlier than the actual time- we get anxious or lets say, uncomfortable also irritated.I am such a Hitler in this case that most of my friends keep buffer while conveying meeting time to me.

Time Management:
Self proclaimed Ninja as I know many people who are amazing at this but I would not steal this credit for me. Time management in a time of mess is what I do the best and this was told to me by my directors in my annual appraisal. *Slow clap* I hate to waste time, hence my day starts with micro detailing of tasks I need to finish. I would plan the order and combination of each tasks in such a way that I wont sit idle while the next hour I would just go mad with the pressure of work. Multi tasking can be counted as the result of this skill set of mine.

Now, many of you would think these are not really skills to be called Ninjas but believe me, if you can develop such skills - every skill can be mastered.

There is one skill which I am zero at and can call myself an 'Anti-Ninja' (If such a word exists).


Lets keep it for another blog post.

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