April 18, 2017

M for Mash up

Sadly, I am lagging by two posts in the A to Z blogathon but I am not regretting as I was a bit high on the cocktail called 'Mashup of home trip, birthday, family, cousin and friends'. Nothing happened like what I had thought of - I was not nervous about entering 30s, I was not nervous about how my birthday would be spent, Mr.ISB's presence obviously calmed me down organically but what was the most amazing part? People did not poke my inner self about approaching 30s or did not make me conscious about my birthday in general.

My birthday started with my in-laws wishing me a few hours before my birthday as we were leaving for the airport, to fly to my home town. It was so good to see my dad-in-law select the darkest chocolate available to feed me as 'the sweet dish'- he only knows my love for bitter chocolate I swear. The clock ticked at home, with a cake brought by my brother, with parents and Mr.ISB around. It was a simple cake cutting session with complex chocolate facial which happened even after threatening my husband and my brother - phew. I dedicate my upcoming pimples to them!

This time a weird thing happened. I did not receive any calls at 12 in the night. I was never a call-at-night-to-wish person so I was only happy to realize it - may be this is how the aging works. The very next day, a few phone calls and many many messages, a good continental lunch with family and an awesome afternoon siesta helped me to just let the day pass like a breeze. We had a small get together at my cousin's place and as usual it went by with laughter attacks or giggles with a lot of Panipuris. I was content and did not realize at all when the birthday arrived and flew by. I am still not sure, how it got over so fast.

But,the trip was not over and so was the birthday. My paternal cousin who is my name sake if you consider her nick name, dropped by and we had fun times with her. My ex-Singapore-roomie finally decided to drop by and met Mr.ISB for the first time. It was fun to see them trying to gang up against me but well, not that easy! *Khi Khi*   My best friend with her daughter (and a gift for me!) also dropped by and I can not explain how much we loved to have our cute little niece at home.

It looks like the amalgamation of family, friends, cousins and of course home town made me happy. It would have been fun if my in laws and frock buddy N could have joined in. Next time!?


Special thanks to Mr.ISB for making this home town trip happen. 

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