April 12, 2017

J for Jodi

While coming back late at night, we all were inside the lift to reach home.

*Seeing me, tapping my feet on the floor*

Every one got confused and dad jokingly said, "Oh my god, Bubblegum is laat maroing Mr.ISB!" 

Sister-in-law: Dad, chill. She is trying to disrupt my thought process while I was staring at the floor!                          Nobody can beat our understanding. 

Every one else just smiled. As I nodded in affirmation!


My SIL was lost in thoughts looking nervous like any other girl, while her engagement was getting fixed an hour back.

Yes, she is getting engaged!!!!

...and I did not want her to get stressed. Breaking her chain of thought was necessary.

I'm not sure what my life would have been without her. The chemistry we share is 'Oh so precious' for me.  We are inseparable. We eat together, talk together, laugh together, cook together (And take an age to get food ready, because we have something to discuss always!), attend functions together.

As much happy and excited I'm for her, there is a strong sense of sadness deep inside me. The fear of being at home alone, without her is scary but...

As she rightly says,

We are each others' sister from another mother, we would manage anyway!


Time to celebrate!!

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