April 4, 2017

D for Dance

If I continue blogging till I'm 60, there is a possibility that the April Blogathon would have a post named 'D for Dance' even then. It really can not be anything else.

Dance is my meditation. Dance is my stress-buster. Dance is my endorphin and Dance is what I believe, truly is mine. Nobody can take 'dance' out of me.

Hence, if you find me dancing rather than finding that wrinkle or touching up my make up in front of a mirror - don't feel weird. That is how I am. (A mirror - a full mirror makes me want to dance all the time and I'm not kidding. One day I would have a huge life size (if there is a word) mirror at home and some space to dance freely- my type of a temple)

I'm also very very strict with my postures/expressions when it comes to  dance. (I am not an expert by any means) I do not want to bore any one here with technicalities but when I see 'Sonam Kapoor' patting her bum in 'Prem Ratan Dhan Payo' or Katrina doing pelvic thrust in style, in 'Chikani Chameli' - I crave for 'Madhuri' of  'Chane ke khet mein' or 'Dhak Dhak'- if it has be to a sensual number. When I see Hrithik dancing with brilliant moves I miss 'Govinda' in all his dance numbers. I feel when one dances - the joy should be felt and expressed. I clearly feel only and only Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor can fill in the vacuum created by Govinda's absence in the film industry. In female dancers though I see no promising person coming in to be the new 'Madhuri'.

Till then I have to go back to old golden days to play songs on which I can dance like no one is watching!!!



I thought I should share two of my favorite songs (they are not heavy classical for a change- they are mood changers for sure) just because they have my favorite dancers in it. (Ignore Amitabh - he wears a unique style of himself which can not be counted as a dance move)

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