March 22, 2012

I feel Kashmir.

Today its the new year-Gudi Padwa and Navreh. Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra,Karnataka & Andhrapradesh, Navreh in Kashmir. So, today when I started wishing all my friends from Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kashmir, I missed Kashmir.

It was 2007, I had a chance to be in Kashmir for some 10 days. I was with all my maternal relatives.

It was a pleasure and I was proud. I have seen Europe which includes the famous Switzerland and I must say, it is nothing in front of Kashmir.May be I have a soft corner in blood for Kashmir, but hey, If you haven't seen Kashmir, You have not seen the beauty.

The pleasant atmosphere, pink winter, snow and colourful flowers. Not to forget rivers with crystal clear water and the stone base,Lovely flower valleys.The pink, dry lovely faces of people, colourful dresses and the holy feel around mosques and temples. It was touchy and that's why for the first time I felt, what 2 countries are loosing by making Kashmir so full of blood.

I recall Roza, Yahan, Machis.Kashmir ki kalee and all those movies which actually failed to show the true Kashmir. What we see in these movies is just 10% of the real beauty.

I remember my friend Jhelam, from Kashmir, who met me in a summer workshop when I was almost 12.Hey girl, wherever you are I just love you and your name! Ah, I miss all those lovely talks we had about Kashmir and those badams you used to give in the workshop!I remember all very clearly.

Today, sitting in the air conditioned office, feeling as if I am in a jail, I vouch for the feel of Kashmir.

And thanks, Mom and Dad, for the Kashmir trip!! For making me realize what it feels to be in Kashmir.

I pray, the land may flourish with smell of flowers rather than the smell of Barood.

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  1. I wish I could make it to Kashmir too some day. Have been to Ladakh and so loved it.