March 27, 2012

First time!

I read somewhere,this awesome line,
"When was the last time when you did something for the first time?!"

Such a thoughtful and kicking punch line. Isn't it? 

The life is short, the life is to enjoy. We get mind blocks and we are scared of somethings, we know we should face them. We also know some of them are fun for other people. Why don't we face them?

Mostly because, we haven't tried it for the first time. If we don't do it for the first time, we wont ever come to know what fun is hidden. How many of us just face it and discover the actual fun?

A very few of us. Frankly there are hundred of things , I am scared to do, I know its fun but I don't try. The fear part takes over the fun part. Yeah there are things, I have faced and found out what fun I was missing. So, when I read the line, I decided to make a list of things, I would do in the next 2 years, I will start 'The first time'. 

  • I will learn to drive a car. Yeah I am working in an OEM. If the situation like the movie 'Speed' comes up I can and I will drive a car/a bus/a truck for sure.This is about driving the car like a pro and for that I will start driving a car, on the road, for the first time. Amen. I wont remember, the time when I started learning a car and my tutor started playing 'Mahamrutyunjay' jaap in the CD player, don't know why! :D
  • I will go for a fish pedicure. It has nothing to do with my being veggie. Yeah it has something to do with my favorite movies like 'The Mummy' and 'The Jaw'.
  • I will buy a touch pad mobile. Amen :D
  • I will go Scuba diving and bungee Jumping for sure and face the adrenalin rush!! :) This is the only task in which I know its fun and given an opportunity I wont miss them both.
  • I will learn Swimming and enjoy Water-kingdom ride. I am dead scared of tanned skin with rashes and ah, water too. I know, I may swim like a dog under water, but this challenge will need more will power than the above one :D
And, the last but not the least,

I will watch the Himesh Reshmiya's "Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", for the first time :D

So, I have decided,

What was the last time when YOU did something for the first time????


  1. This is all about physical things.

    Sometimes, it is more about feeling a particular way for the first time...a way u felt u could never feel before...a new reaction..

    1. Shane, please dont read spiritual books so much :D

      Well, point taken. Will include in a list may be blog about it after the implementation! :D

  2. First of all- there is nothing special or great about fish pedicure. Normal pedicure is way better.Have experienced both.

    Secondly, it has been proven in a report that fish pedicure could be a possible site for spreading infection. Although your feet is sanitized before being dipped in the tub, still it's not foolproof.

    Thirdly, it's is really weird having all these small fishes taking a bite of your feet. Takes around 5 min for getting used to it.

    1. V.A,

      Thanks, I need to recheck with myself about this whole list.You have given a strong point! And its yuck to let all those fishes let you bite!

  3. hey. its really fun to do somethings for the first time and feeling the excitement . but watch out for that himesh stuff..... its dangerous.:-)

  4. ravcool, I am determined :D