March 24, 2012

I respect and you inspire!

Before some days, In the office, we all (The huge-floor-buddies) received a mail, mentioning the last day of the service of a sir who was getting retired.The management was arranging a farewell for him.

Now I know this sir since I joined the job in Mumbai, He greets me everyday with a warm smile. He asks my whereabouts sometimes. I haven't worked with him even once, but I feel the attachment and I am sure every one on the floor feels the same. His smile can  make your day, I bet. The fatherly affection I receive is just something I cant express. Just a 'Hi hello' attachment also has a value, in such cases one can not say, what value. I have never seen him shouting, never angry on anyone, never interfering in any one's business and no office politics around him. His all these virtues make you respect him, I respect him a lot.The small structure with the smile, walking slowly with his bad knee I guess, inspires me, every day.

The respect got multiplied on the day of Gudi-padwa, when he did the pooja.

As usual, the pooja was arranged like any other 'new years' of the country.Mumbai makes you feel the original Gudipadwa atmosphere.This Sir was called for the pooja, I think he wanted to do pooja this time, it was his last Gudipadwa pooja in the office after all.

He removed his shoes, I was busy with some other team-mates of mine, as usual commenting on something or the other thing of the celebration. He slowly, went towards the pooja-sthan, balancing his legs. I have always seen him like that with 'a knee problem'. Every one started  singing the stuti.

My eyes were observing people and the place. It was my first Gudipadwa in the office, I wanted to know all rit-rasams.I went blank when I saw his shoes. One of his shoes was having a dummy plastic leg- a leg starting from the sole to the knee. My heart skipped a bit.

I stared at the shoe and the dummy leg  for some two minutes, I stared at his leg. I was shocked. I realized he dint had the foot below the ankle and that's why he was taking time to remove the shoes and walked a bit unusually.

This person, who did his job smiling all the time, never ever cribbed, made me cry in my heart. He is leading his life. He is in the spirit, all time high. Do we have a bigger problem than this???

Do I  need to say how much I respect him now?

I will take it this way, thank God, his knees are perfectly fine. May be he also thinks the same and so he lives the life with that lovely, warm smile. Sir, if at all you get to read this, I respect and you inspire me, a lot!