March 12, 2012

Then and now!-2

Yeah after the part-1 presenting part-2!


Radio On, Bubblegum and her mom both were doing something something in the kitchen.

The song "Tere bina zindagi se koi shikava to nahi" on air.

In 2 minutes, Bubblegum could see tears falling on the platform of the kitchen, Yeah her mom was crying.

Bubblegum shocked and asked, "Mom What happened?!", She knew her mom cried as the song reminds her mom of her Nanaji (Mom's father) and the city Kolkata, where her mom spent first 21 years of the life.Bubblegum found her mom ,over sensitive and she is crying on silly things.

Bubblegum's mom realized what Bubblegum is thinking.

Bubblegum's mom: "Beta, you wont understand the pain right now. You are neither of that age nor in the situation."

Bubblegum relaxes once the song is over and manages to make her mom smile.


While revisiting different folders of the "Music" Part of the disk in the laptop, Bubblegum is feeling good.

She clicks on one of the favourite song written by an author when he left Amdavad to settle down in the United States Of America. She admired and still admires the skilled voice of the singer.

The song starts and Bubblegum is again doing something something in the kitchen, albeit alone.

"Nadi ni ret ma ramatu nagar male na male,
Fari aa drashya smrutipat upar male na male,
Bhari lyo shwas ma eni sugandh no dariyo,
fari e mati ni bhini mehek male na male..."

Loosely translated,

"May be we will never be able to own this city playing in the sand of the river,
We might wont get this scene captured in the memory lane,
Fill your breath with the sea of smell (of the city),
We might not get the wet smell of the sand of this city."

The whole song actually made Bubblegum burst into tears, a lot more than her mom.

Bubblegum wanted to call her mom and tell, "Mom I understand your emotions now!" :/