March 20, 2012

That uneasy feeling..

That very uneasy feel. Like,you are missing something, You are missing your own people. You were on vacation and now you are back, you are struggling to get into the routine. Your soul is no where around you, because something is weired.

You are trying to see beautiful things around you, you feel good, albeit for a moment. The introspection starts and again you feel something is missing.

You are looking forward to 'some' moments, the moment of achievement, the moment of spark. You know its coming but you feel uneasy.

Your life has been dynamic since a week and still you feel things are static. You have to cultivate patience. The way ahead is full of challenges, and you are bound to take them. That's what you want.

The feeling doesn't have name, it has got a little bit of uneasiness in it.You are happy, you are not sad. The feeling is a bug and you have to debug.

I just had a thought and I decided to have my own cup of 'Blog'vita!!

I am feeling better!!:) It helps really!!

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