March 13, 2012

For that someone.

Dear Someone,
I really don't know your name. Sometimes I feel like asking you the same and talk to you more than what we do.

I meet you everyday while going to my office-department or while going back home. We have exactly opposite direction to follow and so we meet. We have also met in your department and have done the same thing we always do.

We smile at each other with all the warmth we have. We say "Hi" or "Bye". Accidentally when some days ago, I had to come to your department (Generally we don't need to come!), It was urgent, Only 2-3 persons were there due to the half day. You smiled the same day, without even asking questions, you helped me out. It was not your job I suppose. You still did that for me. I could say only "Thank you".

It pinched me. I should have talked to you more. I should have taken a look at your name on your desk at least. I am planning to meet you soon.

If at all you come to know about my blog ,mam, I really want to thank you. For all your smiles in the morning, "Good byes" in the evenings and the help. Your simplicity gives me a kick to smile for the whole day. I know simplicity and an urge to smile is totally irrelevant, but that's the speciality of your smile and your personality.

Mam,You are a charm!!:)

Your fan,


  1. must be a special person indeed:)

    1. Simple and special! Lets see when can I meet her :)