March 1, 2012

Fears of Flight!

I think ornithopters are best, when it comes to flying high in the sky.Even sky diving would be awesome.

But, if I have to take a flight! I have some fears, right from getting bored to god knows how many.

It starts with the time of the flight. If it is early in the morning, I have to get up very very early in the morning and reach the airport early(I used only one 'early') in the morning. The phenomena graduates with getting myself bored up at the airport-and finally the crossword or bookstores come to my rescue.

It is  a problem too, when I get into reading so much that I sometimes end up making crew members scream and call me :D

The most dangerous part starts from the moment I enter inside the plane, welcomed by fake smiles of crew members. Okay, I agree I smile back too :D

I start pushing my bag in the above compartment trying to figure out kinds neighbours I will be having. I pray if  a kid/kids is/are nearby so I can really pass the fear-phenomena. A book also helps, but if I am not sleepy.Damn, I cant sleep in flight if given the middle seat!The take off time really triggers ear-pain and then head ache which is followed by yuck smell of bimaro ka khana in the flight.

The painful flight duration ends with one more attack of ear-pain and headache. If luck is not on myside, the pilot also tries to scare me and make me recall all flight-crash movies by doing forceful aerobatics! :D Yeah they are scary if  I am alone, if I have a companion I might be the brave one and console the samnewala :D

The waiting period to get the luggage always has a silver line of leaving the airport afterwards. And, if it is Delhi and my bro-brothers are there..The whole phenomena-Fears of flight is worth!! :)

I think I can tolerate this time also!! Here I come Delhi!! We will have a blast (On both professional and personal front!) for a few days! :)

PS:Yes you both, bro-buddies-Better make plans, I will be tired after the really daunting professional task and you might have to pamper me. :D Bhaio doda barfi bhi taiyar rakhna! :D Kitne fears ko face karke aa rai hu :D

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