March 8, 2012

My moment!

Yeah, we all get that moment. The damn moment when we come to know what really we want, what matters to us, what doesn't. What is really very important, and what is not. What should affect us and what shouldn't. I call the moment-'My moment'.

In our life we actually feel the 'My moment' at some point of time. It just makes us realize our life and its value. I must refer the film 'If only', that 'my moment' after the dream the actor had, actually made him realize in the whole world, what is his mission-the mission to live. Yeah the 'my moment' can be a result of our dreams or may be almost experiencing the so called last moment of the life.

I experienced the 'my moment'. Thanks to the pilot and the 'Spice Jet'! I was on my way (??) back to Mumbai,in the flight, reading a book, feeling the sunset outside the window in the flight. A sudden run of the flight and a jerk, okay I ignored. Sometimes it happens. I was brave. My book actually helped me to divert my mind from the headache due to the changing altitude and the shaking flight. One more moment, I was almost there to the 'my moment', the flight suddenly entered the turbulence. There were no announcements. The guy sitting behind was blabbering something and I was just wondering if I have to sing "Jo hona hai so hona hai' for him. I was scared too idiot!

'My moment' dint come, thanks to the guy. I was all brave and I dint want to think negative,but I was to feel the 'my moment'.

The pilot thankfully announced the landing in 5 mintues. and zhooooom, it started going down the very moment. The flight was shaking like a government interstate bus. Even frequent flyers were scared. I could see all white-washed faces. I knew I wont die, but what if I ?

Suddenly a spark was ignited in my mind. I actually thought of calling people who matter to me the most, if the situation goes out of control. I decided to switch on my mobile and call my own people. Silly,I could have died before that, but I wanted to tell all of them how much I love them. I actually thought of calling some of them.

In those 5 minutes , I actually realized who are important and expressing love was of the only importance. I really dint want to die, and I decided to tell all of them how much I loved them once I go back to the normal routine.

'My moment' told me, express all feelings, love all who matter the most to you-your life. The rest is just a game- a game of life.

I thanked the 'My moment'.

PS:Its a senti-silly stupid post but the moment was worth living! I realized how I am blessed with all those persons in my life. Well, some hours after 'my moment' made me go through an emotional turmoil too.


  1. i think my moment was on the same day..half an hour later...

  2. I could imagine this..I had this experience often.. So I just eat a lot before going..listen to my itouch and have a good sleep..

    I knew you were litte negative...but don't get into life death scenario.. :)

    Enjoy your moment..!!

  3. Yes sir. I was not negative but yeah for a minute a bit scared. :P