March 29, 2012

Of Sunrays and Sunshine!

I was in my world, sleeping. In fact I was so much tired last night that I was not ready to wake myself up.

Suddenly, some sun rays decided to take the plunge and softly caressed my eyes.I opened my eyes. The calmness and warmth of those rays went inside my soul.The beautiful feeling is still there alive in me,if I recall that moment. I can feel it.The sunshine makes me shine.It gave me a spark to get ready for the day and seize my life.

While waking up, a thought came to mind. Just like those sun rays, we have some 'sunshine' people.

These are the bunch of people, who give us that shine when we are dull, they give us the support when we are trembling, they give us the reason to laugh when we are just crying hard. I call them 'Sunshine' people.They can be strangers passing by or childhood buddies, your family or friends. They can be you seniors or your colleagues. They don't  feel sympathy, they are the bunch of buddies who are confident about you to win the race or handle the situation.They are just fountains of positive energy. They know you can fight against all odds, what do they do is just, give you that 'Sunshine' and makes you warm.They are just like those compliments given to you, when you feel you are good for nothing.  Just a meet, a call, an sms or a mail to the very own 'sunshine'!

Everyone out here have a bunch of these 'Sunshine' people, I believe. If one doesn't have, he/she is yet to find them or haven't realized who are the 'Sunshine' people of his or her life.

Have you experience those Sun rays and Do you have the 'Sunshine' people in your life?