March 20, 2012

Sapnose bhare naina..

I got to listen to the song "Sapanose bhare Naina" from the film "Luck by chance" on Mtv Coke studio. It was on YouTube and I listened to the song billions of times. The more I listened the more I got into the rhythm and the meaning. A beautifully written song and sung as well.

I love the beginning part of the song.

Bagiya Bagiya Balak Bhage,Tettli Phir Bhi Haath Na Lage
Is Pagle Ko Kaun Bataye,Dhoond Raha Jo Tu Jag Mein 
Koi Jo Paaye To,Maan Mein Hi Paaye
[Sapno Se Bhare Naina,To Neend Hai Na Chaina] 

Aise Dagar Koi Agar Jo Apnaye
Har Raah Ke Woh Anat Pe Raste Hi Paaye
Dhoop Ka Rasta Jo Pair Jalaye
Mod To Aaye Chaaau Na Aaye
Raahi Jo Chalta Hai Chalta Hi Jaaye
Koi Nahi Hai Jo Kahin Use Samjhaye.. Sapanose Bhare Naina..To nind hai na chaina..

Loosely translated,

The kid is running from garden to garden,He is not able to catch the bird (he is trying to catch).
Who is going to make the silly kid understand,what he is trying to catch,
even if he will get, he will not be satisfied..
[Eyes are full of such dreams, there is no sleep and there is no comfort!]
If someone is following such a path,
At the end of such every path, he will get one more path to travel,
It is the path full of extreme sunlight and it burns the traveller's feet,
The travel will always keep on travel,
Nobody is there to make him understand..
[Eyes are full of such dreams, there is no sleep and there is no comfort!] 

Such a beautiful and meaningful song. Dreams, they are fire, they are sparks. They are the the essence of life,but if we choose wrong dreams, if we fill our souls with such dreams, they wont be sparks. They might make us go no where. They will make life dull and null. They will just make us travel on the path which will never end. The life will not be an enjoyment,it will be full of stress only. There will be no satisfaction, the life which is a journey wont be a journey. It will just become a load.

Just like the stupid kid, trying to catch the bird. He is trying so hard, but he doesn't know when he will catch the bird, he wont be so happy. The bird will be in a cage or a trap. It wont be cheerful. The kid will never be satisfied by its behavior. He will get the bird, his goal but no happiness.

What we need to learn is to select dreams which will drive our lives. We should know the limit if they are materialistic. Dreams can be money,status,persons anything in the world, but dreams are better if they give inner peace of mind and satisfaction during the journey itself. The journey which will have an end and smiles.

Dreams. Such an important element of life. It can be the slow poison or the Elixir!


  1. wow!!!!!!!what a song!!!and what lyrics!!!wonder if Osho has written it!!!


    1. Javed Akhtar. Shane, kum padho Osho ko.... :D

  2. I particularly liked the lines ...
    jaise ke din se rain alag hai
    sukh hai alag aur chain alag aai
    par jo yeh dekhe wo nain alag hai
    chain to hai apna sukh hai paraaya

    and the last line just blew me off :)

    1. Very True..... :)Just realized, you have the video on your blog :)