March 11, 2012

What thrilled me!

I come to know about my  the special self when I get thrilled for the reasons people might feel dull or null. I pity them as they cant judge my inner happiness, when they don't understand those reasons for which I get thrilled. Sometimes Cheap thrills too. Shee :D

Yesterday, which was suppose to be the most interesting Sunday after like ages with my Bro-buddy. Yeah  he was back in the city! I got to spend some 6-7 hours with him and it includes eating yummy Puranpoli made by Aunty, perfect Daal by Uncle!! Ah, I told Uncle, I will send my husband to him to learn how to make such tasty daal once I will get married :D Lol! Ah, Digress.

So, it was about the factor thrilling me. What thrilled me was- Cupboards full of books at his place!!They always thrill me. Yes.. I guess there were  many more which I dint see. Those old and new books kept side by side in the glass cupboards! I feel a childhood full of books (not text-books!) actually makes a strong foundation of one's personality.

I felt nostalgic too. I have almost a mini Library at home and I get attached to books so much that I don't give them to any one!! I have all kids -books of my childhood days still with me! I am finding a kid who is as passionate as me , when I will get one I will handover them to him/her.Coming to the point, Those cupboards-Ah, I can spend my savings for books- I call them investment for my brain!Books thrilled me! They will always.

Well, I also know some persons who actually feel null seeing so so many books and for them I am a weirdo. For some they understand my passion and feel good about it.For me, those books inside the cupboard with shiny glass doors were a cause of goosebumps.I should thank my Grandfather, Grandmother (Both Dadi and Nani!) and my mom for the wonderful piles of books I have at home. Name it and I will have it kindda.

I was mesmerised, really. At once I decided to build a small-at-home library in future, with a special designed cupboards for books.

They thrill me to no limits.

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