March 22, 2012

Cranky Conversations!

Bubblegum: Mom, I am not able to see my birth certificate, Is it at home?
Mom: No.. How can you be so careless? It was in your file. You know it is the most important document. How cann you miss it? Search again. *Some more statements making her feel guilty!*
Bubblegum: Ok (Feeling Guilty!)
After discussions on some other topics...
Bubblegum: Mom, Where is your birth certificate? You have never shown it to me! Is it in Bangla?!
Mom:Actually I dont have it!
*Blank for some 5-6 mintues*
Bubblegum: Yeah!


Papa: Give me your degree certificate, I want photocopies of the same. 
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa: Give me your brother's certificate of 12th std, from the file.
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa: See in the black folder, give my certificate too.
Bubblegum gives the document.
Papa stepples the bunch.
Bubblegum: You dint ask for mom's certificate!?
Papa: Your mom hasnt collected it from your mama's place till now! *Making a face!*
Bubblegum:Mom this year you celebrated your 25th wedding anneversary na??
Mom:Yeah! :D


Mom: Bubblegum , please see na beta, I am getting idiotic requests of young boys on my facebook. Just reject all request and confirm whom we know.
Bubblegum: Okay, Give me your password and id.
(Bubblegum has already told her mom , that she will not add her for obvious reasons!)
Mom opens the account.
Bubblegum: Mumma, why have you put my photo as the profile pic?
Mom: I love this picture!
Bubblegum: Mumma, in your folder 90% photos are mine!!! 
Mom: So?
Bubblegum: Just remove all of them and you wont get "fraandship requests" from young guys! Why have you kept my photos?
My brother: Bubblegum, your marketing!!
*Bubblegum furious and fast to move out of the room!*


Mom: Bubblegum we have to go to your bua's place in the evening so right now sleep and take rest.
Bubblegum: Okay, Arent you going to meet your friends of 'walking group'?
Mom:No, I need a change, they gossip a lot!!
*Bubblegum reading a book and mom doing some work*
Mom: Aree Bubblegum, open my facebook account, The XYZ daughter of PQR, see how she looks! She has pearced her ears and all. Arre, see ABC's photos , today's generation has no sense what to publish and what not. Ah, dont forget KLM's photos, she is looking so smart now!
Bubblegum: Are you sure, you dont like gossips?? :D


Bubblegum: Mom, why different birth years in your documents?
Mom:Age doesnt matter, birthdates do!
*Bubblegum is thinking "I know from where I have got the 'attitude problem'!*
Mom: See 21st September babies are all pretty and smart.
Bubblegum: Apart from frock buddy N and you, who shares your birthday that you are making a generalized statement?!
Mom: Kareena Kapoor!
*Rolling eyes!*


  1. Riya MandaleMarch 22, 2012

    Supper Duuppperrr Like

  2. I was laughing all along, but the Kareena Kapoor comment really made me go ROFL.. :D

  3. I can identify with this :)
    Congrats newbie :D

    1. Hey thanks!! :) And same to you! :D For being a newbie someday!