March 26, 2012

Yeah That's me!

We are all blessed with some odd beautiful facts-The wired personality traits and believes. At least I am. My small facts and activities, which can appear silly stupid to some people, I found them interesting. I am proud that they are included in my personality and I can be proud and loudly say, Yeeah..That's me!!

  • I have a habit of collecting greeting cards and birthday card given by family members and friends. I have a folder and an album in which I have pasted all of them. They are so special to me.I feel very sad about e-cards, I feel attached to the physical cards with the hand writings and messages on them.Every card has a human touch, and that's what makes it special.I love these cards a lot.
  • I am a curd-mad person just like my Papa. We both can survive on curd for the whole life. I think I am sure, Frock buddy N is going to smell the curd and make a face while reading this!:D
  • I have a habit of 'Not' walking straight , I cant follow a straight virtual line on the road. My 2 buddies had tried to draw a line and make me walk on the same. Ah, they kept on trying to crack jokes on each moment, how will I not laugh and walk on the line?!:D One of my best buddy says I push him on the road-side or near the gutter intentionally :D 
  • I may not be able to run or jog for more than half and hour, but I certainly can dance for hours together without any break!! Thanks to My bharatnatyma practises and Navratri celebrations.
  • I had a weired liking towards 'Shoes', I deliberately wear jeans and skirts and not kurtis in which I appear a bit in shape, for just one reason- I can wear shoes on jeans and not on kurtis and salwars.
  • I have been named weirdly all my life.Yeah it includes names given by my parents too. "Don","Bhai","Mech queen","Cutting tool","Jhansi ki raani","Nar bhakshi", these are the names I can disclose, others are..They can make a puncture in my prestige!:D
  • I am so so so attached to my collection of accessories, that if I loose one pair of earings, may be bought from a galli market, it appears in my dreams and it becomes a nightmare :D
  • I love to wear socks with cartoons on it, at the age of 24. Yes, I successfully hide my habit inside the shoes :D
  • I can not handle duppata for more than 3 hours. I had started facing this dupatta fear some months ago by wearing salwars with dupatta in the office. I got a comment from a sir sitting opposite to me, "It suits you, but tumse hoga nahi, if you will observe, the one end of your duppatta in inside the Castor case of the revolving chair." and I answered " I will learn sir, I will learn!" :D
  • In contradiction with the above trait, I love flaunting scarfs. Specially Pashmina ones.
  • I found it so cheesy when a person calls his or her loved ones by names like "Baby"
     or "Shona",both sucks. :D
  • I am so so bollywoody and filmy that I can find songs and dialogues (that too cheesy ones!) on almost 90% situations! I used to given a word during my induction at Pune, and was asked to sing a song on the word, Most of the times I could win the bet.
  • I am proud to announce that, I am a great planner if we bunch of people want to throw a surprise (big or small)on an occasion, I am the  best one to plan and execute. When it comes to my birthday , I have cried on the point that no one can surprise me, the greatest surprise party organizer of the decade!
  • I have to have to and have to blog everyday, almost. It completes me, The Bubblegum. :)
There are a lot many personality traits which are not usual, and still when you observe yourself, you can proudly say , " Yeah That's me!!!


  1. Wow! you are one amazing girl bubblegum...I am with you on loving curd and not being able to walk straight :)
    enjoyed knowing so much more about you :)

  2. gud 1 !!!

    point 3 especially ;)