March 19, 2012

Home it is!

There are tiny small things make you feel special at home, every time you visit. Small gestures which you never ever notice daily, but when you leave your home, your town,you do.

It generally happens, when I am fit and fine (& sometimes even when I am not!), I tend to become so hyper active about things I have to do when at home. I end up doing minimum things and taking rest at home :D
Both ways have their own value though :D

So when I visited home this time after like months, I dint make any plans as I was already doing hakchhi hakchhi...Yes the day I stepped on the Ahmedabad platform I was sure I am going to take rest at home, I was badly infected by the sardi-khansi bacterias!

I decided to note small things which matters to me at home & Blog about them. I decided to make sudden plans and follow, provided my health is well.

So highlights of my home-trip:

  • My Papa never forgets to buy me a musk-melon or say 'sakarteti' when I am at home. Only me and my Papa love the fruit at home. So Bubblegum always has the pleasure to enjoy the thanda thanda cool cool fruit with her papa!
  • Menu is decided by me, and if I don't give wishes regarding the same, my Mom picks dishes.It goes without saying that, all dishes would be from my favourite!
  • I am also asked zillion times if I am eating properly, taking my medicines properly.
  • It is fun to see how parents have become fitness freaks, having green tea two times a day and all. I suppose that's a learning for me! 
  • Talking to mom over a cup of milk about 'The Ahmedabad world' is fun! Specially talks which irritates me due to my age now,-whose who got married to whose who stuffs!
  • The family get together we had was an awesome experience! The videos of my cousin's wedding were just awesome-especially the 'Garba Function' one. The persons like my Papa and Fua who never ever moved their feet for dance were trying hard to escape and forced to dance. The dance was just worth watching- I think One can guess how entertaining it can be!! 
  • The impromptu visit by my frock buddy N and 'The bubblegum & Frock Buddy N talks' was as usual kicked off, with usual laughter attacks and infoteinment!!
  • I got the ready made cups of milks twice in a day and that's the pleasure.Especially when given by Papa !It matters the most!:D
  • Expressions of my Fua and my IC(Identical Cousin) when I reminded them about my resolution-2012, Yes I am still on no coffee-no chocolate one! They both were stunned and still they are!! Ah, My mom is so much proud and my papa-"Huh, what is the need!" 
  • The most amazing moments I felt for myself-when I take special note of any events occurred during my stay at home to blog or to share with my best buddies out there! I feel hyper!! :D
  • When I am sick at home, I feel like I am wasting my time!
  • The 'watching TV' activity has a proper schedule in the plan, when I am at home, TV is luxury at home!
  • I can find the peppy rocky Hollywood tracks to simple soothing sufi songs from my Brother's I-Pod and The pure classical songs and Sugam sangeen songs from my Papa's I-pod. Dual fun!
  • I can get non-stop supplies of 'Amla'!! 
  • I am asked hundred times if I need money, Ah now a days I am asked to buy a new mobile also!:D
  • I have realized I am not ready to have a separate room of my own,still. My new home has a separate room for me and I refuse to use it except at nights to sleep on my bed. I practically dwell either in the drawing room,kitchen,gallery or mom-dad's room, but not my room!
  • I still remember the feel, when my frock buddy discovered a fan in the biiiig balcony, and I dint know that! The new home where I have not lived for straight seven days! I am surprised, now I am attached to the same place too.
  • I avoid the old-home visits due to some invisible reasons-I also don't know. May be I cant see my old home without any soul. 
  • I am simply amazed with my papa's patience for gardening. His often business trips outside the town never come in between. Yes,last month finally he managed to grow roses in the hot-sandy weather of Ahmedabad!!
  • I loved the tweets and chirps of birds the Geologist uncle has kept in his balcony, just above ours!It feels like the fresh, village-mornings everyday.
There are so many things I wanted to write about. But, I guess the returned-Amdavadi soul is happy to be in Mumbai-Better to focus on Mumbaiyaa happiness too now!! 

Time to be A mumbaikar?:)

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