March 29, 2012

Cook cook cook cook!

Well, No I am not going to recall the amazing Madhuri Dixit Song and go cook cookoing... :D

I was getting bored at home, doing nothing. My hyper active atama which is absolutely shares no passion for cooking was giving me tough times.

So, today My homesickness drove me to make 'Pooda' as we call in Gujarat, On my own. Period.

Mein cook to nahi.. Magar ee hasin, jabse tanha bethe the, mujhko cooking aa gai :D

*Avoiding sade hue tamatar (thrown by veggies) and eggs (by non-vegies)*

I represent my delicious art work,then I relish my food,

Ah, I just sent this artwork to Shana, and the reply " Nice but is it edible?!!"
Well to you Shane, "It is enjoyable, edible and bloggable!"


  1. News Flash
    deaths reported in lokhandwala due to eating pooda....accused absconding

    1. Name to batade dost, tujhe khilane ati hu :D

    2. shana

    3. Shane, tura muh pooda se bandh karne aa rahi hu :D