March 9, 2012

Randomness Visited

After reaching "My moment", I am feeling like noting some random things about me. May be after some years I may feel they are the sweet silly stupid things about me and get a chance to smile :)
  • I have scary hair. I have the jungle on my head and so I have been named 'Jatadhari' by her. I remember my brother getting angry due to my hair-frizzy hair slapping his face when I used to drive my activa and he used to sit beside me. He was not 18 you see, I cant allow him to drive!So about this hair. I had done a weired haircut when I was in the finale year of college and which turned out to be a gorgeous haircut for only 3 days and after that some people asked if I had met with an accident :D I looked like a female little version of Satya Sai baba. No offence. I still look the same when I wash my hair :D
  • I don't keep a song on pause. I feel the song gets hurt if I do so. :D I have to and have to listen to the song albeit while enjoying the same :D
  • I have the weired habit of wearing my jacket even in the summer , okay hold on, in the office. Specially if I am in my super boss's cabin, its almost Antarctica there :D
  • I chew as many candies I can when I sit in the flight. I don't show but I get pathetically pissed off by the head ache induced by the change in altitude. The person sitting beside me thinks I am a bhukhkhad of the highest order.
  • I think, when my friends came to know that I have left coffee and chocolate, almost 80% of them uttered , " What? Weired!!!!" :D They thought I was joking!
  • When I open the Google Chrome, I have to open "The Times of India", "Gmail","Facebook" and ofcourse "Blogspot"!! Even if I dont work on any of them and just check my bank balance!
  • I drink milk, and now I don't add any sugar or honey. Ha, I add cornflakes but I have started feeling I am loosing my sweet tooth day by day, its weired but I have started hating all sweet dishes except cheesecakes and Kulfis :D
  • Milk and cornflakes can replace my lunch, breakfast and dinner, my life :D
  • I get weired dreams of being in Disneyland, drinking coconut water in a daru ki bottle and yes, cheesecakes :D
  • I am a movie freak, a passionate reader. I easily compromise my sleep for both of them. Ah, actually every day when I try to follow any of my passion- which is generally reading while feeling sleepy I end up either talking irrelevant talks, worst smsing irrelevant things. :D
  • I just feel good when I dance and I just feel good when people go crazy listening my Pathetic Jokes: D
  • I just feel good-awesome when I blog.
 And That's what exactly I am feeling!! :)


  1. To fulfill your dream you should be in Paris, you can enjoy disneyland with cheesecake and coconut water with gud daru.....