May 2, 2015

F for Facebook

And I really hate it.

And I love it because I am in touch with my overseas Facebook crazy friends. That is the only reason of my existence on the could of Facebook.

It is a market place now. Fish market to be specific, for a vegetarian person like me. People float their nonsensical and sometimes sane comments over any subject on this earth, on Facebook.

Something like 'Oh my god, Modi is now the PM, India would face a liquor ban now!' Now the stupid guy does not know liquor ban history of Gujarat at all, who is going to tell this to him?

A girl posted selflies taken from every one degree from 360 degrees if I quote mathematics in real life. None of them made any sense to me.

Then the worst day happens, on valentines day people posted photos of flower decorated beds which was a surprise throw by his/her spouse! I am not sure what would we as public do with these photos!

My cousin who was happier than ever when she changed her Facebook status from 'Single' to 'Engaged' on the very second minute once her parents said yes to guy's parents! Why?!!?

Apart from these stupid updates, the most irritating things happen when your cousin's sister in law's aunty wants to add you on Facebook! I meant, hello! I dont even know you, aunty! When I was not engaged, many many aunties tried to stalk my profile to check with who all guys I am chatting, and worst! How many of them are suitable for me and my cousin!!  This is what stinks on the Fish Facebook Market.

So dear Facebook, you need to work really hard to impress me and increase my almost-ending-tenure on Facebook.

As I do not want to 'like' people's status mentioning the demise of his/her loved ones. Really. People do.


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