May 15, 2015

R for Rains!

Who does not like rains. May be some Mumbaikars but hey, you can not totally ignore or hate the season!

I have lived in Ahmedabad, Nashik, Pune, Mumbai and Singapore in last five years of my life and I have experienced  rains in each of these cities. I love them all but each of the city carries a different bundle of memories for me.

Ahmedabad: The home. For 25 years and still counting. In my childhood rains were rare. So rare that I actually had only one raincoat all my life there, even as a growing kid. We hardly used it. Rains in Ahmedabad means the smell of corns, Dalvada and Maggie. It also means 20 something inches rain in one day after the draught and shifting to the first floor every single time. Thanks to the good work by current government Ahmedabad has improved its water and rain situation a lot due to green movement along with industrial development!

Nashik: Rains in Nashik means green hills and wet roads. It does not mean anything else. Due to some broken friendships it also means a pinch of pain but the nature makes it up for it totally. Rains in Nashik also means monsoon treks. A lot many of them.

Pune: Rains in Pune can be segregated in two parts. Pre-wedding and post wedding rains. Pre-wedding, it was fun with a gang. A gang of ten plus people sitting across the table in the cafe nearby, with hot chocolate mugs to drink. It also meant wet highways to reach supplier locations. Rains post wedding is more about tea with a lot of ginger in it, water puddles every where and chilling winds. It also means hot coffee made by Mr.ISB and those chirpy- calm chitchatting sessions at home.

Singapore: It is monsoon in Singapore almost eleven months a year. Rains in Singapore comes with a lot of drama, clouds scream a lot and then start throwing water buckets on you. The country being super clean and equatorial, the beauty comes in those same buckets but it does not have the smell of rains. It definitely lacks the smell of Mitti! Rains in Singapore has one thing to die for. Tasty tea and chatty sessions with flatmates. Makes up for the 'Mitti ki khushbu'!

Mumbai: One of the best cities which experiences beauty of the rains apart from creating devastation. Mumbai  has millions of colors and when it rains they just get brighter. The smell of the soil gets inside the soul. Be it the beach or the road, be it the Irani Cafe or the Filter Kappi, be it Roasted 'Bhutta' or the spicy Vadapav - Mumbai in rains works like the spa. It drives you to travel through memories and to create more memories as well. I am hoping for an awesome Monsoon this year in Mumbai. Touchwood. Hopefully with Mr.ISB!

How do you experience rains in each of those cities you have lived in so far?

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