May 19, 2015

U for the UnderCover

Have you ever done anything Under cover? Being secretive in anything? That is U for me. Under cover. ( I do like films on Under cover agents - Read: Love)

  • Under cover reading. I love books from the day I have learnt how to read. So, on each of my birthday, which falls just at the end of finale exams there would be a visit to the book store, a huge one. We would purchase some 10-15 books which would be gift, picked by yours truly to read in the summer vacation starting from the same month. Once the vacation starts I would act like an addict and would read all books in a week's time. Be it openly or Under the dining table so that my granny or my mother would not find me. 
  • Under cover blogging. Not every one who knows me - some are very close from this segment - do not know that I blog. I have grown mature enough to write good things and not sad happenings over the period of time still, I do not want them to judge me. People who know I blog are very precious to me too. Trustworthy enough I would say, in addition.
  • Under cover eating. Fruits 100% of the time.Just like my dad. We both would be flicking fruits at the wee hour of the night and relish. I did that a lot and now I have not been doing it too often. In fact Nil since a month.
  • Under cover hatred. I have a couple of people who are (no more) in my life whom I hate from the bottom of my heart and my mind does the same. I have to do it while being under cover. Society and all that. I thank them as well , now when I understand they created one strong personality within me. 
  • Under cover dancing. Choreographing. Specially when no one is at home. I love it to this date.Not that people don't like me watching dancing or I am horrible at it. It just lets me feel free enough to express exactly the way I want to. Dancing with expressions - My skill.
Have you done anything under cover? Which you kept as a secret with you, and now is the time to open the box? 


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