May 26, 2015

Z is for Zester

Zester is the tool used in the kitchen to peel of the 'zest' of the citrus fruits. Zest is the essence of life, enthusiasm. Spice. Spark.

In our lives, we have many such Zesters, using which we add on some zest to brighten up the life. Zesters are the mood changing things or activities or people. Undoubtedly for Mr.ISB it is 10 hours long sleep, I would list out every Zester I can think of.

  • My blog, It keeps me alive. The bundles of words from my mind being carved on this blog. Nothing can be better than this.
  • My Frock buddy N: We take each other for granted. Most beautiful relationships are without baggage. No blog post can do justice to our relationship.
  • My penpal mail-pal Aunty from USA. Writing to her brings out my real self from the face this world want to see. I am totally transparent when I write to her. Every Single time. In happiness or while I am dull.
  • Dance. It is the state of trance for me. Enough said.
  • Really fast walking with my favorite songs in my ears. Specially in Mumbai where I sweat out bucket loads of toxins from my body. It is rejuvenating for me. Adds up to the zest.
  • Adarakh wali chai and some tea partners to chit chat. Zest would spoil the tea , but tea itself is works as a zester.
  • Reading. I have not done much in last two three weeks due to the super hectic schedule. Though it should be definitely added in the list of zesters. Reading brings out a new world to me.
  • This one is a surprise. Being in the new office with two smartest employers I have ever got. It is like adding up the zest every day in my life. One out of two is smart but I never accept and hence fight. Another makes sure we keep on fighting. That is how we brain storm. Cute ? :D
  • The biggest Zester of my life, which I saved till last, is Mr.ISB. Some times , some one just accepts you as you are, Some times , some one just preserves you while letting you grow. Some times , some one just makes your eyes sparkle by  appearing from no where. That is the main Zester in your life. My best friend and the soulmate. Mr.ISB.
Do you have Zesters?

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