May 11, 2015

N for Notes

Notes are our own reflections , better than mirrors. This theory of mine, I feel is better than palmistry.

Taking notes. I have been doing this quite often in a scattered way. Sometimes for official reasons sometimes for personal reasons. Not to forget small to-do lists or task lists. They have feelings too.

I think I have been blessed with parents and grand parents, who shared the same habit. I remember my mom, making small notes when I used to go to my Masi's place or Mama's place to play with cousins. She invariably sent messages to them in the era where telephone lines were a kind of luxury.I think I should have asked them to preserve those notes.

I used to love the feel of  finding small notes on books straight from the huge collection - like a small library created by my grandparents. I have not really talked to my grand father as before he passed away I was a kid & he was paralyzed, but I talk to him through such notes when I read through these old - yellow paged books.In my own little way. There was one age where I used to actively research on finding such notes- foot notes hand written by my Dadaji , just out of curiosity to know how he was in his days as one of the best doctors of the state.

I can still  smell  dishes created in my grand mother's kitchen when I read the hand written recipe note-books which have stains all over, apart from her comments every where. The recipe does not only contain steps or measurements but things like alternatives, exact temperature of a step, from where to buy that special ingredient and what you should never skip from the recipe.

I think passing on small notes to your next generation helps in developing relationship, even when people are alive or not.Those old messages and old mails - I never delete them. Reading old stuff makes me realize how time changes and how persons change too. In a positive way. Sometimes out of blue, you realize why that particular relationship was destined to die or what really could have been avoided - reviving the same can be an option then.

Just when I was ending this post, I received the mail by my Kaki from USA who had mailed a beautiful note to her kids on Mother's day.

Exactly my kind of a note. Not a small one, not a big one but full of feelings.

Do you love 'Notes'?

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