May 13, 2015

P For Panchtantra

No India can ever be raised as a kid without storytelling sessions / books of Panchatantra.

If there is one single kid friendly thing which can unite India, it is Panchatantra tales, told in English or Vernaculars! They have morals, they have story lines, they have humanity and wit. They teach us to value friendship, loyalty, faithfulness and hard work.

The five elements of this life-business which is called 'Panchtantra' collectively are,

  • Making friends - friendships
  • Loosing friends
  • Foes
  • Loss of gain
  • Hasty actions and their results

These five elements if controlled in life,we can save our businesses. We can prosper and grow. Culturally, morally and financially too. These complex lessons are embedded in those simple tales - definitely a kid's play!

By which other tool we can ever teach kids all these values if not through stories. I am amazed how brilliant and intellectual our ancestors would be who thought of such a tool to be used while bring up kids and future citizens.

Stories of Panchatantra has to be the best gift to this well-cultured world from Mother India.

Dont you think so?

Want to revisit your child hood or want to plan a trip to your childhood for your kids?

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