May 5, 2015

H for Hatak

All my life have been taught that I come from a unique community which is minority in a way when it comes to population, but they do well  in art and strategy by skills. I have been told amazing stories about the potential origin of our ancestors as a caste.

One theory says we are the hybrid of Greek officers who came to India during Alexander era and Kashmiri pandit Kanyas. By the theory we have a 'Kuldev' who is 'Hatkeshwar' means Shiva in Kashmir - the origin of our caste. I doubt if any of us really know where the temple was, as it has been destroyed in Mughal era- the history it self is blurred. Now the main temple is in Vadnagar where my relatives go often. 

As a firm believer of no-caste-system - I do not want to name the caste or consider my self superior in one or the other ways than rest of the Indians, one thing holds me back is - Hatak. 

Hatak is the place from where my people used to leave. Beyond the mountain range of HinduKush. This statement I have heard for around zillion times from my grannies. 

Just by curiosity I started tracing this place on internet - which is in Iran!!!! Yes, Iran / Persia! 

There is not a single wiki page who shows the history of Hatak and which hurts me as I realize how some of the countries are still in the stone age.

I had given this link to my dad when he visited Iran (How awesomely fortunate he is!) but as per his friend in Iran the area is on the boarder of Afghanistan which makes it alien enough not to visit, ever!

Any one from Hatak, listening to me??? I really want to see your place which was mine too some centuries ago? 


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