May 8, 2015

K is for k.

 I am going bonkers with one letter words -if you have read my last few posts you know what I am talking about.Meaningful to only me, most of the times. Not to Ekta Kapoor, guys.

'k.' is not meaningful only for me but to the whole 'Kaynath'! A few years ago I was introduced to this word by a friend who hates typing and loves giving blanket statements as answers, (In retrospection, most of my male friends fall in this category.) I remember  the conversion distinctively.

Me: Hey
Friend: It must be 6 in India, why are you awake?
Me: Going to Nashik, Travelling.
Friend: k.
Me: What does that mean?
Friend: OK.
Me: Arrey, what OK. Cant you reply properly.
*After good 10 minutes*
Me: ?
Friend: Ok. It means OK.

I gulped the 'OK' down. I can imagine people making abbreviations for 'All Time Machine' and 'As Soon As Possible', but for a humble two letter - no nonsense - smallest ever multi-letter word?? It is like skeleton going for the GM diet!
I refrain from using such short SMS lingos but I have found these words (Are they even words?) helpful when I want to get detached to the matter and create absolutely a cold reply.

So I grabbed this opportunity while showing my frustration when one of my employers- who is also the one with whom I fight almost 90% of my office time.

*Product development is showing  delay of 2 major weeks!*

*Introduction and orientation of interns going on*

Mr. Stone (As I call him for some reasons!) : Why don't you tell them about where we stand when it comes to getting the product in our hands.
Me: k.

*Fumes going out of my ears with the k.*


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