May 22, 2015

X for X'mas!

It means a Hollywood Movie. It means snow. It means over coats and gloves. It means X'mas tress decorated with glossy ribbons, gifts and some snow flakes.

X'mas means Hot Chocolate or Tim Hortin's French Vanilla. (French Vanilla is my first love, so much that my Masi from Canada had put two huge jars in the 'Shagun' during the wedding rituals.)

X'mas means walking on the road loaded with snows, braving  chilling winds and still the warmth in eyes of people around- enough to feel the happiness all around.

X'mas in US of America or Europe is my dream.



PS: Christmas days in India is almost void unless I grab a Christian friend for the Christmas cake specially home made. Christmas in Singapore are super bright but no Snow - No feel - No dream for yours truly. Sweating Christmas is not acceptable for me!

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