May 21, 2015

W is for the Window!

A window is an important part of my life, professional life. 

No not the Microsoft Windows!

I love if the view from the Window inspires me. I love it if it distracts me. Either of them would generate ideas in my small brain. I was blessed with such Windows in many of my offices. The current one is sixth window, I have been sucking inspiration or introspection from.

Last working space had an awesome glass wall which was more than a window. The partial view was fabulous , the other half was heart breaking. Folks on the road, tiny cars going by and our own people sipping my favorite Chai at the Tapari! Such a colorful window. The other half had a concrete jungle made of high rise buildings and cranes! I abhor such scenes a lot. 

My current cute office ( CCO is a good code for it, right) has two floors, more like a studio with a duplex loft. A huge table caters to the need of collaborative working downstairs which is adjacent to the window wall!  Now, you exactly know why I find this office cute. Bright sunshine like the name of the tower pours into the room in proportion during the day. The window opens up the world of trains. Railway tracks can be seen below and with each passing train we realize the marketing space they carry on compartment ( Typically a business person behavior!) As we are on the 9th floor, we can see the Mumbai high rise all around. The life which never stops breathing.

Whenever we need a new idea we all face the huge window and breathe to witness eureka moments - Okay, a bit of exaggeration but we five ( Founder team members) love the view to bits. 

Do you love  my kind of windows? Views?

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