May 25, 2015

Y for Yum

The latest 'Yum' dishes I am craving for and not having for one or the other reasons.

1. Tim Hortin's french vanilla - No one is coming from Canada to get me two more jars!
2. Sondesh - No buddy is going to Kolkata to get me some K C Das ones!
3. Spanish hot chocolate - Something I would never be able to get in India!
4. Ritters dark chocolate - I think I love European chocolates and not American ones!
5. Di Bello coffee - The Mumbai chain I am yet to explore! I have heard a LOT about it.
6. Cafe Madras/ Tambi Filter coffee - The only wish I can fulfill being in Mumbai on weekdays.
7. Panipuri - Amdavadwali, Panipuri. Mom made. *Drooling*
8. A huge bowl full of fruits like Strawberries, Plums, Blackberries!
9. Self made oat bars - Not to boost my ego but I think what I make they are the best!
10. Chocolate pie from any European country!!!

They are yums, believe me! Y would be related to only Food it seems!


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