May 20, 2015

V is for Vitamins

As a kid or a teenager I have studied several type of Vitamins. Biology was never my priority but to score more, I had to study the subject. It also meant I had developed deep interest in the subject which can last till the last exam. Only to realize what I had learnt in those days, stayed with me. It made my logic expand a bit more before buying any theories on 'Medicines and Miracles'!

Vitamins are essential when it comes to human body. The wellness and fitness part. Deficiency of any of those vitamins can develop severe complications and they are more important in our struggle to make our day healthiest. Stamina, memory, healthy skin, healthy eye sight and many more millions of points we can note down. We really do not need to be a doctor to understand the value of vitamins.

There are five types of Vitamins broadly, as per the field of Medicines and Biology. I believe there are other type of Vitamins also essential in our lives. At least mine. When I am stressed, I believe the lack of either of them are responsible. I take the 'pill' of the definite vitamin, and get back to life.

  • Vitamin L - Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine, a wise person had claimed. I say, Laughter is the most important factor in our lives. There should be meter which can show how many times we have laughed in the day, from the bottom of our hearts! More the score, more successful a day you had. Without laughter  life becomes dull. Really dull.
  • Vitamin V - Vacation: I love  vacations. I love to get revived, keeping digital assets for work aside. I love the feeling of not being in the command of time. I love the feeling of not being in command of house hold stuff once in a while. Vacations are like the tea with adarakh being sipped in the cold.I want the life luxurious enough, which can fulfill my dreams of enjoying two small or big vacations in a year- be it a bag pack trip or living in the Airbnb flats!
  • Vitamin M - Not  Money but Music: Aishwarya's dialouge in 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' rightly stated, 'We (Gujaratis - Indains for that matter!) have  songs to sing for events, from birth to demise.' 
  • Vitamin A- Affection: There is no life without affection! Good people have affection towards friends and family. Ambitious people have affection towards work they do/want to do. Some people have affection towards money. Good or bad, such affections kick your soul to get you up and get going. 

I feel these four Vitamins keep me alive and kicking , albeit with smiles. If deficiency is created for any of them, I inject it by hook or by crook to get back to life!

Are you on such Vitamin essentials?

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