May 5, 2015

I for I

and not for introspection. I is for I. Unlike our mothers and aunts who conveniently forgot their own personalities when they were young,  just out of work pressure - professionally or at home. This blog is for the Bubblegum after ten years, so she can get back to the blog some day and check with herself.

  • I am a person of moods. Generally they do not swing but when they do, oh boy! Only a few persons only can manage things with me. I am the person who has the blood which has a low boiling point which also means it takes some micro seconds to get angry. Of course the positive side is the fact that the anger goes away once those few minutes are over.
  • I love reading, it is an understatement. 
  • I love chocolates - Ritter , Milk and Rocher to be specific. Bitter, the better.
  • I love dancing like no one is watching and I love it even more when I am on the stage, the whole world is waiting for me to perform. It gives me high more than nervousness. 
  • I love fruits. This part never appeared on the blog. My dad and my husband share the similar problem. They do not understand who gulps down those fruits which was procured a day back? One can not under estimate my appetite for the same!
  • I love working over here in the new start up. More than loving. 
  • I catch cold in summers. Summers of sweltering Mumbai,Pune and Ahmedabad. Anti-histamine pills I hog on to more than mangoes. 
  • 30 minutes is what I have decided to give myself to improve my fitness daily. Hopefully it would show some results soon. It includes a lot of walking in my lifestyle I have added here and there.
  • I am the person of tiffins! Mumbai is the city of Tiffins! I love carrying a lunch box in the office. When I open it in the office during lunch, the smell of home prevails! I love home made food as living alone for five years has made me a sucker for mom made or home made food. 
  • I love Market places. Not the typical accessories and clothes shopping places. I love the market where colours of fresh vegetables and fruits fight with the smell of flowers-Gajara! I love when colourful or metal finish utensils merge with sunlight, bright in the day light. The smell of filter coffee overpowers the noise created - I am blessed to get such a market nearby!
  • I get attached to the coffee-mug tea mug which I use everyday, specially if it is a thoughtful gift by some one. I get attached to the watch I wear or even the shoes I wear. May be it the comfort which I love or I am just like that. 
  • I love Kindle, my mobile which I recently lost, my laptop and my media player. I think I am the highest order of the geek when it comes to engineering or gadgets. I can do research on a particular gadgets for months just to reject it for myself. The world has yet to develop the talent to please Bubblegum in a fashion where I can label a gadget made for 'Me'! I know I am picky!!
  • Do I need to say, I love Blogging?

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