May 12, 2015

O for Office Office

May be the new 'office' where I am working. The startup.

It is different in many ways from corporates and many more ways from conventional startups. The amalgamation of its new born state and decades of collective experience makes it unique.

  • The office is as small as the hall of a Mumbai Apartment but with a small loft upstairs where we can have 'silent zones' to work without disturbance. We use it as the meeting room while calling our clients, partners or suppliers.
  • Apart from catering to all fashionable roles like operations, business development, finance we all also get into the roles of admins, indirect purchases, peons, monitors who keep an eye on cleaners. I work with cleaners, one person makes tea, one person cleans the big conference table we have, Fun?
  • We do not have pantries to cook our own food. We carry tiffins. We go downstairs where there is an open cafeteria. As the office is in one of the tallest buildings of Mumbai, we get a good views with lunch time chitchats. 
  • Directly from the giant window in our office we can count how many times trains come to the near by station. Sans the noise as we have sound proof glass walls.
  • We are a team of 4 people if I do not count interns. 1 is Bubblegum and 1 is Anti-Bubblegum. Other two play roles of referees or victims. Latter, if Bubblegum and Anti-Bubblegum decide to be on one side!
  • Mr.Anti-Bubblegum is one of my employers, he hates me so much that he hired me :D (If he ever gets to read this, he would  smile from ear to ear!
  • One day our broadband internet stopped working and we did not spare our so called CTO who kept on calling the service guy. In all fun ways, we killed our two hours and our CTO pulled many hair strands from his hair out.
How is your office?

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