May 14, 2015

Q for Queen

No not the London based old lady who rules their nation. About the Indian Queen. The movie.

There were millions of people who adored the movie. The casting and the dialogues apart from the story line. Queen makes females confident who are in today's era still finding a male domination for being secured. * Ducking all brick bats from conservative mommas*

I loved the movie to the Tee. So much that I refer to all ladies in the state of identity crisis once their kids are busy or they lecture why girls need to get married for the future. I would really love to shoot some bullets explaining my feelings for the movie - Queen. What was in for me in the movie?

  • The actress does the commendable job. I am not a big Kangana fan but hey,this movie could not have been the same without her. Her simple cotton kurtis or her expressions while talking about alcohol! 
  • The younger 'Rolly-Polly' brother who quietly stands for her sister when required and throws a virtual punches like any other big sister- younger brother relationship. True story!
  • The story line of discovering the real world. To mingle with people you never knew. Living in a hostel with strangers with unknown life style and food habits.
  • Knowing the culture of different locations can broaden your mind. Grow your confidence. Just like Rani did it on her trip to Europe!
  • You can make friends faster than ever and  can teach you lessons for the life.Some one like Vijaya.
  • Marriage is not everything in life. There are dreams. Stories, Pain and happiness. 
  • 'Kuch to log kahenge' is the eternal theory in this world. You need not listen to all the crap you have been thrown to.
  • Language is not a barrier. We can still talk to foreigners. They do hear. Hello! Sharing is human.
  • Carry your own language and feel liberated!!!
Did you watch the Queen? What was in for you?

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