May 6, 2015

J for j

The geeky me knows, I is for I but J has to be for j. Before you think that I have lost my mind and my mobile both, I must tell you the scene is sane here.

j is also known as the imaginary character in the world of mathematics.

In real life also, we all have our own imagination- things and characters- running wild in the mind and some people convert them into fears ,some convert them in dreams, some create OCDs! I have also the world of such 'j's, a mixed bag of habits, dreams and fears.

  • I talk to the imaginary 'me' many times. After the birth of this blog, I talk to the real blog and not the imaginary me but it does help in over coming many anxieties. 
  • I have imagined a world with many many books at home and special mugs where people can drop by, have tea with me while reading books or chitchatting. Of course, people means my favorite people. I do imagine about the place every now and then.
  • I have a habit of imagining parallel lines every where. For example if I spot a thing A and I need to place it some where in a plane (How geeky, I know) I would imagine a grid made of parallel lines. I would follow the rule of third, pick a spot and place the thing A. It is more like an OCD to my understanding.
  • When I make salad I try to imagine a pattern first and place each of those vegetables - fruits according the imaginary pattern.
  • I think a lizard is the most disgusting animal to encounter. I imagine a couple of them lingering over my feet whenever I spot one of them. 
  • I have this imagination of me being dressed up in the most trendy short floral frock with no make up and glared. Specific, Very specific. Dream.
  • The mother of all imagination is something I do every moment - some people call it micro planning. If I have to reach home, the planning with respect to time frame has to be done considering the time I would take to reach the lift in the corridor , the time taken in the lift and also the time to climb that stairs to reach the entrance of the station. 
Do you have such 'j's in your life?

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