February 29, 2012

And thats the deal my dear!

Dear Friend,

I know you will like to be called by this name and designation I am providing to you. People call you GOD,I don't mind, I used to pray you. I do and I will.But, I like to refer you as my friend, I feel closer to you.Just like my best buddies.

I wonder, people always ask you to remove their worries and what do you do when one's pain is other's gain?How do you manage? I though I will reduce your pressure to perform and take you in confidence! Yeah that's me. Its not that I dint come to you and pray for nothing. I did, that was a mistake. That's what makes me respect you now in a different way. No really, what you do is always best for me. Either I learn or I just enjoy,and now I manage to do both together. Thanks to you my buddy.Lets make a deal,to reduce your workload.

I am so grateful to you. You have given me enough to enjoy. You gave me wonderful personalities as my parents, best younger brother who can annoy me even by an sms.Best bro-buddies who can actually do anything right from pulling my cheeks to pulling my legs to make me smile.

Now, I wonder of course there will be some learnings for me na. You will make sure that I learn through mistakes (I have already made some horrible ones!) and I will correct them.
So here is a deal,

You give me happiness, I will celebrate, I will feel near;
You give me struggle, I will overcome, I wont fear;
And that's the deal my dear.

You need not worry about me. :) Friends mein no sorry no thank you. No give and take relations. You can take me for granted, but remember the deal ;)

Bubblegum :)

PS:Something I learn from a drama, "Kanji Vs Kanji". I loved the concept of talking to God as your friend.I thank Shakira too for the title :D


  1. U mentioned all ur near and dear ones. u just forgot to mention ur own artistic ability and ur abilty to express.....and that is also what u should be thankful for!!!!


    1. Okay,I will add it in the letter to my buddy, Okay Buddy? :) :)