December 29, 2011


Disclaimer: The post is not structured properly, please thoda dimag lagana padega! :D

The year 2011 , I call it a year of Bubbling 'gum' out and 'bring the blog in' year!

I kept on summing up the total number of friends. Sometimes lost touch with a few of them and again get myself re-united too!I added some lovely people in my life who became my life and will always be my life! I also kicked some of them out :P

A year when I became a little matured and little less fool, learnt the corporate culture also learnt that I should not try to judge people as I don't know how to do it! :P As an obedient sister I am dependent on him now! He is in the city..Yeyeyeyeye!!!Oh I digressed!

I started blogging , I started reading blogs like crazy! I dint know how to write, now I know how to write for myself! It changed my life , my way of thinking and it is still doing.

The 'blog' was the gift I gave to myself this year and  I am so proud that I write and feel good! Its my baby after all! :) There were and there are terrible typos and sometimes failed/fail at the grammar part . Some friends motivated me to improve and they still do! Though I feel , its okay to improve but I will blog for myself only!

An hyper active person like me once started loosing her charm, forgetting her passions and hobbies,aha but then  I was blessed with god-gifts. I must say one of them was my blog. It changed the angle through which I saw this world. I started enjoying each moment of my life and tried to blog about the best of them. The starting of the year which was neutral and the mid-year was depressing but the blogging experience actually brought back the same spark in my life, which was always there in me! I became myself!!!

I have the blogging addiction in my resume now! I miss blogging if I am busy and miss a day!Some friends mail me,ping me or call me if I don't blog for a single day "Where is your new post" or "Your blog is feeling neglected!"

Each moment something special happens and I feel "Blog to banata hai boss!!!" :)

Yes, I am emotionally attached to my baby, my blog! It is not my weakness, it is my strength!!

for me,

Tan ki shakti Mann ki shakti...."Blogvita"!!!

Did u have your Blogvita this year?!! :)

PS: Shana is forcing me to take a new year resolution " I wont crack PJs now"! Shane this and this  was nothing! I will be in full form next year! Shanpatti on Bubblegum will  blast your mind! Mind it! :)
Aha, I forgot to wish!

Wish you all a very very very happy new year and a wonderful year ahead!!!Love the life!!


  1. I pray u continue to write only for urself and dont change urself to write what others want!!!!

    The best part about your child is that it is helping the mother grow!!!!!Hehehe


  2. @Shana: Dont tell me u pray me! :P Lolz! and yes...My baby helps me to grow..The curious case of Bubblegum!! :D

  3. Happy New Year and keep blogging :)

  4. ~laughs~ Cool post. Enjoy yourself on the 31st and wish you a very Happy New Year. :)

  5. @theerailivedin: Thanks and same to you! :)
    @Shekhar: WIsh you the same! :) Thank you!

  6. Happy New Year to you!

    You should definitely write more often!:) Some very good reads!