December 23, 2011

A Bhel of Thoughts

Oh now this one is not my Mood swing ha!! :P

I was just going through some of the 'Yadon ki baarat' while making 'A bhel of thoughts'!

  • The face book
  • The battle with a win win situation
  • The CCD
  • The pani puri stall and Idli-Dosas
  • Nataks and Movies
  • Walks and talks
  • Singing songs
  • Dancing plans
  • Books
  • Local train mein sona..
  • Nightmares!
  • Blogs and Comments
  • Leg pulling sessions
  • The maggie!!!  
  • Smileys!! :P
  • My brother and that call!
  • Your Gujarati and My English!
A lot many more!

Why?I thinks I should stop!! The bhel has been prepared already!! :)

Why am I preparing Bhel?!! As I really don't know what Shanpatti I should do to wish....

"Shane, Happpppy wala budday!!!"

You love food so, the Bhel is for you!! :P
Cherish the Bhel and add some more Namkeen and Meetha in it as you always do!! Don't worry I am also there to add the mirch-masala!! :)

PS: Paigam from my brother/Your buddy "Add one more point-Chess Aka Shataranj...Tum dono hamesha mind game khelate ho..Kon kisaki zyada khinch sakta hai"!!! Any comments Shane??! :)


  1. Thank you...i have always preferred pani puri..

    But this bhel looks very very very tempting.

    Thank u..


  2. @Shane: Next time Panipuri dost!! :)