December 6, 2011

Chhoti si Kahanise...

I am actually a music person! I can not listen to a song! I have to listen, sing and express. It actually depends on my current state of mind , may be on current trend to my mood,which kind of a song I am going to listen to..

I was hooked on by Rockstar songs like this and this!
Somtimes I was bubbling to this!
Sometimes I am more on old songs side with more meaningful lyrics!
Hold on..I can stick to the songs like "Why this kolaveri di" to "Dhinkchika" too!

But, today I am gungunaing this song! Out of the blue! Right from I opened my eyes!

Chhoti si kahanise,
Barisho ke pani se,
Sari wadi bhar gai...
Na jane kyon dil bhar gaya...
Na jane kyon Ankh bhar gai.....

Shakhon mein patte bhi the,
Patto pe bunde thi,
Bundon mein pani tha,
Pani mein ansu the...

May be The mood swing at the best!?!! The song represents exactly same feelings! Kabhi khushi kabhi dar...No gum Bubblegum! :)

PS: No, its not raining today in Mumbai! May be feelings are! Happy wedding anniversary Mom and dad :) You are the world!! You are the way!! :) Oh I can not forget the friend who made me fearless by a phone call last night :)


  1. Kudi kawari tere pichche pichche jatha kahan hain soniya...because of you this song is stuck in my mind..:)


  2. @Shana : Sheeeeeshhhh!! :/ You are killing the feel of my post!!!!!As usual Shanpatti! :P Btw the song is cool but I dint sing it! :P

  3. one of my fav nos...felt an urge 2 hear it many a times & cudn't restrain myself from hearing it each time...surprisingly, never tried lip singing it even once..........