December 5, 2011

Hadse ya sanjog?!!

Disclaimer: A silly,stupid and meaningless post ahead!

I know I know,it sounds like a typical serial on Zee Tv! But chill , Hum kabhi serious nahi hote and ho bhi jae to koi hone nahi deta, kambakht!!

Kya apko kabhi laga hai apka pehle se koi chiz ya logose rishta ho? (Curtsey : Karz,Karan Arjun,Kudarat etc) Well frankly , I  do! I feel some names, some letters and somethings always have some purane janam ka to nahi but some rishta with me. As in bonding! Lets see..

I have become friends to most of the people ,whose name will be starting with 'S'! I gel up very soon with them. I know it can be my perception but 60% (almost) of my friends names start with 'S'!!

I share a typical bond with people named 'Vaibhav'! There are a lot many Vaibhavs if you will check my mobile phone and I share 'cold war relations' with all of them!! :P Some of them are best persons on this earth for me. I must add, some of them are such nalayaks that now, they will be flying high in the sky!! I must pull them down by saying..Judge saheb aap nahi ho usme! :D and yess..Dont 'blame' yourself for being one! :P
I share friendship or rishta (relatives, you are bound to get gelled up with!) with people whose names start with  'Pra'!
I have 7-8 friends named 'Dhaval' and to my utter shock 3 of them share same surnames too! The same I can note for the name  'Rucha'! But I must tell 'Rucha' name is a sign of the most friendly and sometimes frank characters on this earth! :)

For family members I can not be analytical like this, as my family members have the most weired names on this earth and they are mostly so uncommon that Facebook would also wish to make them all patented :P

I still think, yeh sab hadase hai ya sanjog?!!!

PS: I forget about 'N'! These people don't call very often but they know me better than me!One of them is so pissed off with me that I couldn't attend his brother's wedding & he has stopped talking to me! *me in my innocent looks!* The other one will hate me for not attending his own wedding! Bro, I tried, you know that!The third person! My frock buddy! Good for nothing! I am going mad to attend her marriage and she is being choosy!


  1. Glad to know i am in the remaining 40 % (100%-60%)


  2. @Shana: Oye....Shana starts with 'S' :P