December 28, 2011

Bubblegum's Blanket!

Dear Blanket,

Long time haa??? Obviously years!!! I know you are at my place, some where in Ahmedabad! How are you?! You know what I saw you in my dreams!

I remember you, cuddling me up when I was a kid, giving me warmth and make me sleep. I used to and I still love you, the electric blue with yellow cartoons all over. I can feel the soft,cozy feeling you used to give.I don't have very specific memory of yours but I remember the feeling and how you look exactly. I had refused to give you to my brother also!You were eye catchy and adorable.

You were strong enough to protect me against  the cold-wave prevailed in Ahmedabad  at that time. I used to hug you, hide inside and I bet I still find the same feeling from each and every blanket I get!

I had dreamt of you several times now. I don't know why but I want you back,you have become old and you are too small for me. I just wanted to ask you, I want the same feeling..Can you please grow up a bit???

Yours always,


  1. hahahhahah

    Y the past tense?

    'were eye catchy and adorable'. It is still alive,eye catchy and adorable


  2. @Shana: It has become weak and dull now! But I am ready to adjust! Feelings are same :)

  3. I am not sure how I reached u but I have been reading u n liking ur post!! Here I comment to let you know that I like ur posts and that I wanna tag you.. :) Lets keep in touch this way...

  4. @Deepsi: Thanks dear!! So I am a-tag-gged!!! Bingo!! :) My pleasure!