December 27, 2011

Possessively Passionate!

I am! I have some passions and I am very very very possessive about them! They are non-living creatures (For others!) but if they are lost or misused by somebody else , I freak out at anyone in front of me , be him the Prime Minister of India!!!They are my life! Don't even dare to call them non-living things!

The passion of collecting earings, anklets and bracelets!! I love to make a huge collection! They should be unique, they should be royal,cute or fullto fancy! I love them all. If they are misused or lost I become so so so much upset! I think till today all my room-mates, friends,cousins have used at least one of them and mostly people get the matching pair of earings from my collection! I proudly ask them to wear and flaunt!! I Love them! But..ha..They should be back in the bag! Haa...I have become upset with myself also if I misplace even a single pair!

I love them!! I prefer all in originals. At home we almost have a library collection! I can not see anyone using them roughly. I cant even think of loosing even a single book! I give them to my plenty of bookish friends, I become a bit possessive if they loose it! The story ends when I buy a new one if my first copy is lost! :) I love to cover them if they are old ,I think this skill has come to me from Papa, who only put covers on books and doesn't even open almost any of them! :P

I love collecting mugs. I keep my pencils,pens to combs,kajals etc in different mugs.I am a coffee fan,so I just love to collect them! My favourite is CCD-Mug gifted by my ultra cool bro Kaks :) I just don't get tired of seeing different mugs with new designs and quotes!! :) I am planning one more for my office desk!! :)

I just love love love my I-pod (Which is not working) and Mobile (Which is living like it is doing upkar on me!) Both are right now in ICU and can expire at any point of time. I am going to be possessive and passionate for both when I will buy my new love(s)!! :)

Leh deke Right now I am having only one super dashing,super stylish watch gifted by my brothers.I am very very very passionate about it. I am very sure nobody is going to ask me to share it with any one!! :P I am a classy-watch-lover! I am definitely going to improve on numbers!! Sahi time ki deri hai!! :)

lately I have become passionate about hand bags and clutchers. I love classy-stylish handbags. The story is yet to begin. I am not much into collecting them as of now. But but but, I have a collection of bright coloured bags which I don't flaunt during office-days! I think my future will ask me for a different cupboard for the newly bugged passion.

I love shoes.Read 'sports shoes'. :) Most comfortable and dashing thing in my life! :) Again not a big collection. A new pair is waiting at home as a gift to me though!! :) Fancy sandals and high heels are also in for me , but The Jumping soul (Shane thanks for the word!) is not so much into them, but I love to flaunt them in parties!! :)

The above list contains many many things but these are best parts of my life!! I share (sans the watch!) with any friend of mine but I am equally possessive about them! They are passion of my life!! :)

They are the part of real 'me'!! :)

PS: A Seriously girliee post!! Not bad the tomboyish bubblegum, not at all!! :) I am not the 'Kolaveri di' Gujarati version-girl! :P Ahem!


  1. U forgot to include your friends and brothers onto that list


  2. achha hua teddy bear is not in the list.
    because fighting with them and giving them WWE smacks is ma passion........


  3. @Shana: Shanpatti.... They all are Things actually and they are the part of 'me'! And friends and brothers are 'me' and what I am today!! :)

    @MK: Mamujaan, I know, I have seen you doing that and by 'bhagvan ki krupa' I dont have that passion and not-so-possessive about teddy bears! :P

  4. Kolaveri Di Gujarati version? Hmm... Now this I must hear.

  5. @Shekhar: Do the youtubing!! Its worth!! :P