December 16, 2011

Randomness in life is Lovely!

Yes!! I find it lovely! The random happiness in my life,makes me feel brighter, fresh and a bit more chirpy!I have been taught by 2 brilliant and close pals of mine to stop worry about things which are not even in the picture! :P I am trying to follow them! Ahem!!

I have gone thorough a very very brilliant training program , I guess I will blog about it some day.The fun part (I know somebody is laughing at the word!) is that we actually enjoyed so much! 2 days were more of masti and laughter attacks than usual boring training stuff. I enjoyed knowing people right from my father's age to my seniors. (Ah, I was the least experienced person!!)I loved listening to their experiences and of course loved interacting with them.Surprisingly I also realized I can keep mum and observe things which can be useful like anything and I can do  the job so nicely!! C'mmon I need a pat on my back! R.E.S.P.E.C.T for our trainer!!

2 days were full of emotional swings for me. I was extremely happy for several reasons and no-reasons state that I actually went into the full sub conscious me-mind and blurted out some secrets!! :P Okay, I give up! I cant hide some facts!! :)

My love for Tom cruise made me go and watch the 'MI-4'! and Boss, I enjoyed a bit Bolly-feel film from Hollywood with Anil Kapoor , the back ground sound track to dialogues and how can I forget the biggest attraction--Gadgets!! Automation and technology!!! :) I think The MI hangover would last for some days!

The filmy-me has come out of the wall after hiding her face for a year or so!! I have been throwing filmy lines every now and then! I am happy , I guess people around me are going to thunk their heads on the wall!!

I think I am loving the random' me', the actual filmy 'me' and the chirpy 'me'!!! :)
The same 'me' is super excited to plan the always 'Special Sunday'! 

The life is a bit complicated thing! If you become a solution or a happiness for a person ,you may become a kind of problem for the same person too!! On this silly confusing thought, I would like to end up the lovely random post on my blog!!! With a note, at the end like I always do!!Thank you!

PS: I just want to say Happy happy happy birthday to My most matured-supporting--loving--caring dada!!You rock my world!! :) Jaldi jaldi aja!


  1. Being randomly happy for no reason at all is a good habit. :)

    P.S. Cute poem for your bro.. *laugs* You actually made it rhyme.

  2. @Shekhar: Thanks ;) Waiting eagerly for him to come and pamper his sister a bit ;)

  3. very nicely written blog!!!


  4. @Shana: Thanks :) I was shocked to see your simple and cute comment!! I was hoping for a chauka...I suppose you are sleepy!! :P