December 26, 2011

The Winter!

I realized now at the end of December that in Mumbai ,now I can have a feel of winter!!!

I woke up very very very late today , as soon as I removed my blanket I realized "The winter is here finally"!!Now the winter in Mumbai is a luxurious feeling! Being an 'Amdavadi' I really miss the feel! Obviously the winter in Amdavad is not as strong as it is in Delhi, but its an adorable feeling!! :) Last year in Mumbai when the temperature dropped down beyond the Mumbaiya limit, I know some Mumbaikars had panicked and discussed only about the 'Global Warming' for the next ten days! :P

I miss Amdavad today , as I know now what I am missing!!! Sherani khoon chakh gai hai!! :(

I miss my Ma's (Dadima)  Ghee dena, to put it on my chopped lips! I miss methipak, Adadiya (I hate this food but my brother loves it all!!), Rai wale mirch-carrots, Baingan ka bharatha and Ponk (I cant translate this!!)..

I miss the feeling of watching TV together at night , probably all award ceremonies,eating plum cakes and I used to be all in jackets and woolen socks!!( I love the warm feeling and Cold comes to me easily!!)

I miss eating Aamla everyday in numbers! I miss chewing lawang with my frock buddy N!

I miss shivering in cold and Papa would come and put blankets on me! Ah, when he used to tie my scarf and I used to open it up as I used to hate it and partly I wanted him to tie it again with the same love! :) Childhood and Bachpana!!

I miss drinking garam-garam badaam milk! I think the only thing I can make over here in Mumbai! :P

I miss 'turmeric' the special one. It is called 'Amba haldar' in Gujarati! I used to hate them but later on developed the taste and now I miss the taste!!

Watching Yashraj heroines dancing in chiffon sarees in snowfalls, ah, I want to do it once!! ;)

The ad I recall when I shiver is," Thandi thandi thandi...Havayen thandi shirt mein ghusaiti gudgudi karti...Mummy Mummy Hankchhiii Hankchhi.....!!" The Vicks ad!!

I just realized , I am not able to recall any specific song on winter from any films!! :( Only snow fall scenes and may be one liners from the whole song!! :( Yeah I can not forget  my Kashmir trip some years ago...

From the film 'Yahaan' and for the love for Kashmir and Jimmy Shergil..Of course for 'Hath ka sekna' on Kagadi! :)

Aau to Subah jau to mera name saba likhna,
burf pade to burf pe mera name dua likhana..
Zara zara aag vaag pas rehti hai..
zara zara kagade ki aanch rehti hai..


  1. Yep, winters are always special, aren't they? I spent most of them in Calcutta and they were without doubt the most brilliant part of the year.

    Also, you seem to be quite a foodie. :D

  2. @Shekhar: Again it depends on my mood!:p Generally, Yes I am! :)

  3. song from Roja:

    Yeh haseen wadiyan , yeh khula aasman....


  4. Well written blog!!!!captures all the beauty of the cozy feeling of winter..


  5. @Shana: That song doesnt remind me of winter somehow!! :(