December 25, 2011

Present and Past-2 Perfect days!

So two very happy events this and this were due on 24th Dec!! :)

It started with wishing all birthday babies and yes, full proofing all shocking gift ideas for them!! :) A dear friend of mine , the sweet girl who met me in the Volvo while coming back from Nashik many months ago, was born today and I wish her a belated Birthday on the blog!!! You are the best dear!! :)

Wishing Shana required a lot many efforts as the location and the availability of resources were constraints!! I think I did pretty well dude :) ;)

The Christmas celebration was ultra cool in the office, yours truly was the official photographer and a winner of a game! Thank you!! :P Spent my late evening having Paratha, Chhash and some books with the book-warm friend aka the birthday boy! :) Happpppy birthday to you!!! :) :) 

The best part was , He (Yeyeyeye!!!) was coming with my other ultra cool brother!! :) Me and the ultra cool brother aka Kaks tied up and arranged a surprise birthday celebration for My dada and The book warm friend!! :) Bingo it worked!! But the flop show was---> We had to cut the plum cake!! :P 

The most enjoyable day-1 got over in the auto sleeping like a log!! :P :P

The very second day, I was to have a blast too!! Reaching dada's place is always a Bhool Bhulaiya for me!!:P Yes firse kho gai!! Ah, Actually any other rasta sans the road to my office makes me feel that I am playing a maze!! :p

The road to get-together venue was special, having dada beside me and my childhood friend Praks on the call :) Long time Praks!! Loved the chat!!

The get-together was decided in The Main Land China with all all my bichhade hue and current office buddies!! What a great feeling of having the original office buddies together!

The food 10/10
Photos 10/10
Massssti 10/10
Nostalgia 10/10

Ah, how can I forget ,my dada was sitting opposite to me and my girl lunch group -1 aka my bestie aka my almost an elder sister beside me!! :) Pleasure!!! :) Miss you all a lot!! Kaks, we missed you!!

The main event was followed by a few friends who were not ready for the viday process again enjoying coffee cups at Costa Coffee!! :) Again chats of gadgets to business cases., OEMs to Regions!! :) Nostalgia!

Again me.dada and GLG1 went for shopping!! :) Bliss!! The same feeling!! I was living in the past!! :)

The auto ride back to home with GLG1-The most successful event of the day for some obvious reasons and when dada dropped me I had to come back to the present!!

The day ended up with the phone call to the best best friend of mine for 46 minutes!! Thank you!!

The perfect 2 days -swinging between past and the present or may be future!! :)

May the new year and upcoming all years, remain jolly with the same set of people! Amen!


  1. Is your friend a BookWorm or does he warm the book?

    ur weekend was one adventure after another...awesome!!!!


  2. @Shana: Better not to comment on HIM, I hate if somebody does it!! Okay?!! :P

  3. u urself are calling him a bookwarm....I just asked a he like the hen that warms the egg?


  4. @Shana: Yes...He does that and I will throw all of them on your face!! Dont even try to comment on him!!