December 11, 2011

Deja vu - An age old one!

As a kid I was always fascinated with Mumbai's chaka chaundh! Almost in every summer vacation I would be visiting Mumbai at my masi's place and look forward to another visit!! :P

Mumbai was a city of fun for me! Or us cousins!Mumbai was fun,Juhu beach,over bridges with lots of lights at night,Fantasy land, church gate and fashion street!

I remember,getting down from the train, early in the morning! (Travelling by train was so much fun and I used to eagerly wait for the same!Oops me, my brother and my cousin used to plan for the journey too!) The Mumbai feel would come when in ,the dark Mumbaiya atmosphere, we would take a taxi and go to Masi's place passing through highways and over bridges! Over bridges were something rare in Ahmedabad at that time!

I used to think I would come and stay at this place! Without any planning I got my job location at Mumbai after years , started into  the hectic schedule and was  a bit 'not happy' with Mumbai..Again the sine curve started going up, Thanks to my lovely buddy-brothers-group, roamed around a lot and I am a true Mumbaikar! :P 'Mumbaika nasha lag chuka hai boss!'

A day before I realized 'what is a dream' and what does it mean when you had some gut feelings of the same! I was walking on the pathway of western express highway with a buddy of mine , The time after Lunar eclipse , we were chatting and what I saw! I realized I had a Deja vu! The same western express highway, same over bridges, same lights and the same moon! What I used to dream from the taxi was true today! It was not a dream may be! It was a Deja vu- An age old Deja vu!

PS: I had the most special Sunday with my brother-on-call , Shana and my awesome school buddies! I met one of them after 6 years!! The Sunday was thrilling due to 'shanpatti' as well 'bhaigiri' :) Yeah I know know , The 'shikari' had become the 'Shikar', 3 pranks by 3 persons! :( Bubblegum ,You need to buck up!


  1. tere sunday ke ko char chand lag gaya...Woh bhi lunar eclipse waale.


  2. @Shana: A very bad joke! :P 3 Chands (ande) I know...Whats the 4th one?? :P

  3. Santhosh PhilipDecember 11, 2011

    Nice one!

  4. The bald spot...

  5. @Shana: Thanks for the input!! Ok!!! :(